Earth Breeze Detergent Reviews: Is It Worth Buying?

Before buying Earth Breeze detergent going through Earth Breeze detergent reviews is important as this will help you understand the product. Below we have mentioned everything about the Earth Breeze Detergent product that will solve your confusion and help you decide whether to buy or not.

What Is Earth Breeze Detergent?

Earth Breeze detergents are detergent sheets that claim to have eco-friendly ingredients and are safe to use. The sheets are wrapped in zero percent plastic and are very easy to use even in the washing machine. Using these can eliminate the use of plastic jugs to zero. The mission that Earth Breeze is on is to reduce, regenerate, and redistribute through which they give some funds to the ocean cleaning and tree planting projects. 

How To Use Earth Breeze Detergent?

How To Use Earth Breeze Detergent

The use of Earth Breeze detergent is very easy as you just need to add the sheet to the washing machine. This will remove your liquid detergents and the mess that is made by using them. The sheets quickly and completely dissolve without leaving any residue on the clothes. Also, the sheets are easy to use and easy to store. 

How Much Earth Breeze Detergent Sheets To Be Used?

The use of sheets depends on the loads of clothes to be washed. 

  • Half Sheet – ½ drum
  • Full Sheet – ¾ drum
  • Two Sheets – full 1 drum

Before knowing the Earth Breeze detergent reviews let us have a look at the pros and cons.

Pros And Cons of Breeze Detergent

Pros And Cons of Breeze Detergent

It is always essential that you know the pros and cons of a product before you buy it.


  • You get an option to choose between scented and non-scented sheets.
  • The sheets are at an affordable price.
  • The sheets are very lightweight.
  • They dissolve very quickly and completely especially on clothes like towels.
  • The packaging of the product is very minimal and extremely lightweight
  • The product is claimed to be bleach, phosphate, and phthalate-free.


  • You are supposed to use ½ sheet, 1 sheet, and 2 sheets so instead of half sheet a smaller sheet could been a better idea.
  • Some ingredients like essence are a bit questionable.

Earth Breeze Detergent Reviews

Earth Breeze detergent works as they say and here are our reviews regarding the use. Here are our Earth Breeze detergent reviews.

  • The sheets dissolve in water within seconds and it does not leave any remains on cloth. 
  • The sheets work on both hot as well as cold washes. 
  • The clothes smell very fresh. 
  • The cost is very affordable.
  • Scented and non-scented options are available to buy.
  • It is plastic-free and lightweight
  • You need to use a half-sheet for half drum of clothes instead they could have made smaller sheets or different-sized sheets for different quantities of clothes.
  •  The ingredients are a bit questionable as the essence is mentioned.


Earth Breeze detergent is a good option to try and the product has a 77,000 plus rating where 68% of ratings are for 5 stars as per Earth Breeze detergent reviews. The best part about the product that we like is it has zero percent of plastic and is very lightweight. Lightweight means it will eliminate the heavy bottles and cans of liquid and powder detergents.


Is Earth Breeze Actually Good Detergent?

Earth Breeze Actually is a good detergent as per the reviews on Amazon, it has 5 stars and 77,000+ reviews.

Is Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Made In China?

Yes, China is where Earth Breeze Laundry detergent is made.

Does Earth Breeze Leave A Residue?

No, Earth Breeze does not leave any residue but there may be some times when it can.

Who Is Earth Breeze Owned By?

The founder is Jon Wedel who started the company in 2019 by making eco-friendly laundry sheets and has its headquarters in Oregon, United States.

What Country Is Earth Breeze Made In?

The Earth Breeze eco-friendly laundry sheets are manufactured in China and have its headquarters in Oregon, United States.

Do Earth Breeze Sheets Work In Cold Water?

Yes, Earth Breeze Sheets work in cold water and hot water as well.

Does Earth Breeze work in all washers?

The Earth Breeze detergent sheets are versatile and can be used in top loaders as well as front loaders. Even you can use them on Heavy Duty machines