What Is Coherent Source?

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In the realm of physics, the concept of coherent sources is pivotal to our understanding of light and its behavior. This article endeavors to shed light on “What Is Coherent Source,” exploring its definition, conditions, examples, and the distinctions that set it apart in the intricate study of optics.

What Is Coherent Source?

A coherent source in physics refers to a source of light that emits waves with a constant phase relationship. This synchronization of waves is fundamental in understanding interference and diffraction phenomena in optics.

What Is Coherent Source Example:

To grasp the concept more concretely, consider two lasers emitting light waves with a consistent phase relationship. This example illustrates a coherent source, where the emitted waves maintain a fixed alignment.

What Is Coherent Source Class 12:

In the physics curriculum, particularly in Class 12, students delve into the nuances of coherent sources. Understanding the principles of coherence becomes crucial as it lays the groundwork for comprehending advanced optical phenomena.

What Is Coherent Source Of Light:

A coherent source of light is characterized by its ability to produce waves with a uniform frequency and constant phase difference. Laser light is a classic example of a coherent source, exhibiting remarkable order and synchronization in its emitted waves.

Incoherent Sources:

In contrast to coherent sources, incoherent sources emit light waves with no fixed phase relationship. The waves exhibit random fluctuations in frequency and phase, making it challenging to observe interference patterns.

Types Of Coherent Sources:

Coherent sources are categorized into spatial and temporal coherence. Spatial coherence refers to the alignment of waves in space, while temporal coherence relates to their alignment in time. Achieving both types of coherence enhances the overall coherence of a source.

Coherent Sources Condition:

The condition for coherence involves maintaining a constant phase relationship between the waves emitted by a source. This requires precision in the emission process to ensure that the waves remain synchronized over time and space.

Examples Of Coherent And Incoherent Sources:

Examples of coherent sources include lasers, where the emitted light waves exhibit remarkable order. Incoherent sources encompass common light bulbs, where the emitted waves lack a consistent phase relationship.


In summary, a coherent source in physics represents a remarkable harmony in the emission of light waves. Whether it’s exploring the principles in Class 12 or contemplating real-world examples like lasers, understanding “What Is Coherent Source” unveils the intricacies of wave behavior and sets the stage for unraveling the mysteries of interference and diffraction in optics. As we delve into the coherent nature of light, we gain insights into the elegant dance of waves that shapes our perception of the visual world.


What Is Meant By Coherent Source?

Two sources are said to be coherent sources if they produce two waves having same frequency, same waveform and have constant phase different between them which does not change with time.

What Is Coherent Light Source?

Coherent sources of light are those sources which emit a light wave having the same frequency, wavelength and in the same phase, or they have a constant phase difference. A coherent source forms sustained interference patterns when the superimposition of waves occurs, and the positions of maxima and minima are fixed.

What Is Called Coherent?

: logically or aesthetically ordered or integrated : consistent. coherent style. a coherent argument. b. : having clarity or intelligibility : understandable.

What Is Coherent And Non Coherent Source?

Coherent source: The source which emits a light wave with the same frequency, wavelength, and phase or has a constant phase difference is known as a coherent source. Incoherent source: An incoherent source emits a light wave having a different frequency, wavelength, and phase.

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